Monday, March 9, 2009

GO-transit increasing fares $0.25 a ride...

Not a big deal I suppose, but they are consistent about it.

Tragic story of John Odom - Pain equals wisdom

With a sharp curveball, 90 mph fastball and good changeup, Odom made the team (Tallahassee Community College) as a walk-on. He pitched well, going 9-3 in 2003-04.

Odom had another talent: He was tremendous on the guitar, playing so often he hurt his elbow and missed some games....

...Odom later committed to Oklahoma State and instead signed with the Giants, who had drafted him in the 44th round in 2003.

He had a bumpy four years in the Giants’ system, none above Class A. He went 9-8 in 38 games, missed most of one season because of a wrecked right elbow and lost another year to a dislocated left shoulder.

The Giants released Odom in spring training last year. Calgary offered a job, but because of a 1999 conviction for aggravated assault when Odom was a minor, he couldn’t get into Canada. On May 20, the team made the famous trade.

Calgary team president Peter Young and Laredo general manager Jose Melendez nearly traded him for a slugger, but it fell apart. Melendez proposed buying Odom’s contract for $1,000. Young rejected that, saying the Vipers didn’t do cash deals because they made the team look financially unstable.

Bats, though, the Vipers could use. At $665 for 10 bats—made by Prairie Sticks, double-dipped black, 34 inches long, model C243, Laredo agreed to the unusual deal.

Details of his final days are elusive. His death was obscure. There is no record on where he was living, no explanation of how his body wound up at a hospital, no police report, no public record of where he is buried. Numerous telephone messages left for his family and friends were not returned.

Arcade, Fire back

This is good stuff. Never really trusted that Wayne Coyne guy... what are his motivations? I suppose I don't know the entire story either..

Obama renewing support for stem cell research

Obama and the environment

You've probably heard of the Yucca Mountain cancellation, but here's an additional small round-up of Obama's environmental initiatives this week.

Interactive neighbourhood map of Toronto

Nice map of Toronto with neighbourhoods shown, clickable. Toronto Star

Album of the Day: A.A. Bondy - American Hearts

... the love that's tearing you down, is the love that will turn you around...


Yeah.. it's a heavy album. Stories of the Civil War. Recorded with two microphones in an up-state NY barn.

available here.

Boston Globe profiles Charlie Louvin

Sunday morning at the Dakota

A fantastic Sunday, starting out with a coffee at Clafouti, brunch at the Dakota, some great conversation at the Crooked Star, more than a few rounds of Bananagrams, some Ethiopian food, which was a first time for me, and finished off with a few new episodes of Flight of the Conchords.


Clips and full downloads of Costello's Spectacle.

Saturday night

Drock graciously invited me to the Venezuela vs. Italy World Baseball Classic game on Saturday night. Great game, until Italy decided to take out Mike Defelice after the 4th on 45 pitches. He was pitching a gem, and Grilli came in, giving up a homer to his first batter faced. Game over from then on. Still, great to watch some meaningful baseball in March.