Monday, March 16, 2009

Not sure why anyone would want to do this, but I'm sure there are line-ups...

You should recognize Milan from NYC...

In 1999, a new project began to rotate pieces of modern art, chosen by competition, on this fourth plinth, a use that has proved to be very popular and successful (if sometimes controversial).

The latest project is probably the most fun, and also the most interesting and democratic use of this public art space. For 100 days (starting July 6), various people will stand for one hour each on the plinth, 24 hours a day. Anyone can apply to do so, and the 2,400 participants will be chosen completely at random from the people who apply, assigned a random time, and be able to do pretty much whatever they choose during their 60 minutes.

Cool project!

Skipping over the whole anti-drug messages, this is something really cool. Basically, it's mimicking the sound wave of your voice and putting it into a tangible bracelet. Reminds me of this cool project.

Ok, off to do some work for now... will try to get more in later.

Happy birthday Milan!... Now, glad to be home...

Man, I really am not into this party all weekend thing anymore.

Great friend's 30th birthday weekend in NYC and Atlantic City; purely exhausting. Don't get me wrong; fantastic to see friends and spend some time with them, but it wasn't really quality time. Too much emphasis on the party, the drinking aspect, no down time. Met some of friend's NYC friends; ugh.. some of them just way too much for me. Could not even come close to understanding their thought process... Exhausting trying to be up all the time. Exhausting spending three nights in a sleeping bag having people come home later than you and waking you, continuing the party. Not sure if I'm too old for this, but just not into this anymore.

Now, the good parts. New York City was sunny and warm. Got out with the boys and spent the days walking around, trying to take some good pictures and see beautiful New York. Atlantic City, although our hotel was amazing, but was a too PARTY HARD atmosphere for me. Anyway, it was an experience that confirmed that my direction / way I am starting to feel about things... I'm planning to be back down in NYC in early May, and the way that's shaping up it should be quieter...

Here are some pics:

Arby's in Pulaski, where Jermy plans to run for Mayor some day.

Justifiably excited!

New Facebook profile.

Milan's apartment in NYC.


His rooftop at night.

Outside the apartment.


Walking around.

The Half Pint.