Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Wednesday, another free AGO day...

Pretty busy there today... and no, I wasn't hanging with the 'dude' on the left...

Three dimensional.

Overheard minutes later... "Mam, please don't take any pictures.. ".

"Umm.. I'm not taking any pictures.. ", holding her camera downwards and objectively flipping through some shots on her digital cam.

"Sorry", says the guard. "Our security cameras have picked up someone taking photos around this area... "

Earth-like planet discovered; with high potential for surface water. DEAD.


weirder than normal, I agree...

The planet, "e", in the famous system Gliese 581, in the constellation of Libra and 20.5 light years (192 trillion km or 119 trillion miles) away, is only about twice the mass of Earth. The team also refined the orbit of the planet Gliese 581 d, (coloured blue in image) first discovered in 2007, placing it well within the habitable zone, where liquid water oceans could exist.

New Yorker article on focus enhancing drugs...

This is what happens when you look up neuro enhancers on google images...

Eliminating foggy-headedness and improving cognitive control? Staying up, and continuing to be alert? Stay in 'the zone' longer? My father said he used the older style 'aids' back in school when studying for exams. I had a buddy at university that stayed up 3 straight days writing and finishing a term paper while on coke. Here's the new wave... applicable anywhere you need an edge, apparently. They call them neuroenhancers now.

Song of the Day: The National - Lucky You


Download song here.

Yeah, just got back from class, and I'm going to unwind a bit (after this 14 hour day - yes, the cross is heavy) and watch the NHL playoffs for a bit... I'm not that into watching sports much, especially on my own, but the NHL playoffs are something every person should experience as much as they can; especially the first round. And thinking that instead of listening to the inane commentary (I get illegal satellite and only US feeds -- when lucky) I'll mute the sound and put on two or three albums and see how they work.

The National is a band I've been impelled to like, so I thought I'd give them a shot. --> Not bad.. maybe takes some more getting used to, and perhaps the right environment... The last song on the album, Lucky You, sounds best, and I like the lyrics a lot, especially for their duel/dual interpretations... Obviously that's my interpretation, but yeah... it made me rethink the whole album a bit.

I honestly still prefer The Constantines at this point (heavy still, but with better production of melody that the National seem to be missing... and messages said a bit more... gracefully?.. with music). They (The Constantines) are more experienced and more 'in it', just more in it... more into the daily... ummm, yeah, but that's another rant altogether which I'm not gonna get into at this point in the night...

btw, the other album was Songs That Tell a Story - Louvin Brothers(torrent).. pretty cool in the way it's recorded; live for sure... recorded for radio, ON RADIO, and man, a harmony (their harmonies) will always have a place for me. Simple, fantastic, camp fire music. I'll post about this again soon (this is how radio used to be.. live!). But I can't resist; here are the only two comments from Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars As good as it gets., January 24, 2007
This is an amazing CD. The best duo in history, singing about Salvation and Jesus. I love this CD. Acoustic - no enhancements. They are young, just starting out. Real praise. I've not made it through a Louvin Brother's album yet without crying.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of their best recordings, June 13, 1998
This is a recording from 2 of their Radio Shows on WMPS out of Fort Payne, Alabama...They are all religous songs, but true LOUVIN's with only the mandolin and guitar...They introduce each song, so you get to hear them talk also...Great music..


It really is amazing, and if I listen to this without watching hockey I may not survive... gorgeous. When I post about it in a few days I'll put up a link for download...