Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo contest...

So, took the long way home on this beautiful day, and took a few hundred photos along the way..

I think I want to enter this contest, and have narrowed it down to these thirteen... and I want your help. Email (ppietraszek AT yahoo DOT com) or comment below...


Do you Dream in Black & White or Colour?

I don't usually remember my dreams, but a few nights ago I did, and I vividly remember looking at a indian-esque decorated red velvet and gold box.. colous were striking... so yeah, I dream in colour, and apparently it has something to do with watching colour tv as a kid.. So, if you watched the black and white tube, you're more likely to have B&W dreams...


Stuff I want to do: Three

No, not yet a breakdown of Joel Plaskett's new album, although I am enjoying it quite a bit. These are three things I want to do in the next few weeks... Everything breaks in threes...

1) To see the TSO for $12?.. 25th for me.

2) Details to the free Museum and Arts Pass (MAP) available through the Toronto Public Libraries.

3) Tomorrow going to the AGO which is free (as usual on Wednesdays) after 6 with the camera.

Sandra's Photo Blog

Sandra works at my father's office, and she got her D40 less than 48 hours before I got mine. Here's what she's doing with it:


Obama vs. Obama

Two Obama-inspired businesses open up near eachother on the Danforth.. both internet cafes?.. wrtf?

The Obama Cybernet Café, a few dozen feet away, is run by Amveson Fitsumbrahn. Though it was created after Debass's Obama Café, Fitsbumbrahn told Torontoist that he's had the idea for nine months, and that on the Danforth his nickname is "Obama"; "no-one even knows my real name."



(Zoe) Heller observes "a relatively new and very unhealthy phenomenon" arising, perhaps, from "Oprahfication of fiction writing or book clubs: This demand for characters you can root for, inspirational fiction, where you feel like you'd like to climb into the book and be there. There's something slightly infantile about all of that. It clearly doesn't win me any friends to say this, but I feel [like saying] a lot of the time, when I'm answering questions in bookstores, ‘Oh, grow up!'

– from Saturday, March 07, 2009 edition of The National Post


Zoë Heller, author of Notes on a Scandal and Everything You Know has written a comic, tragic tale about one family’s struggles with the consolations of faith and the trials of doubt.

When Joel Litvinoff is felled by a stroke, his wife, Audrey, uncovers a secret that forces her to re-examine her ideas about their forty-year marriage. Joel’s children will soon have to come to terms with this unsettling discovery themselves, but for the time being, they are grappling with their own dilemmas. Rosa is being pressed to make a commitment to religion. Karla is falling in love with the owner of a newspaper concession and Lenny is back on drugs. In the course of battling their own demons and each other, every member of the family is called upon to re-examine long-held articles of faith and to decide what – if anything – they still believe in.


Driving in traffic increases your risk of heart attack immediately after...

Makes sense...


The Bicyclist

I've only watched the first episode so far... set in Portland, new guy moves to town, almost doors a biker, presumably falls in love.. hahaha...


I got doored.

Bicycle maintenance is important, especially during a seasonal change. Anyway, eventually everyone learns, and picks how they want to continue. I prefer proper maintenance, while I know others don't mind (and prefer) getting a new bike when the old one just doesn't have it anymore. I have a friend who has, season after season, left their bike out in the winter. Always coming back (surprised for some reason!) to find it rusty and worn out, riding slightly worse and misaligned than it had before...

Anyway, this kind of brings me to the point of this... I got doored, and the bike was too damaged to ride home. I went to the Emergency, no broken bones, but the chest and face took a beating and it's gonna take some time to heal. I'll be alright.

However, some weird/valuable observations. In that moment, life kinda flashed in my mind, but more the immediacy, rather than the passed. In exchange for that loss of long-term memory, I also have a clearer vision into the future. Sure I looked back and saw how I went wrong (too close to the parked cars, taking thoughtless chances, not taking enough care on the road, etc...). But those mistakes happened, now I know better than being careless, but paid one hell of a price!

It realigned things though (hahaha...). I started immediately to think who would be there for me. Even at that moment, at my humblest, in need of help, who would and wouldn't be there for me. Then came the distant future... realignment. A clarity. It definitely shook me, and I know who was there for me then, and I know who wasn't/wouldn't be, and I know that I needed to change what wasn't working for me.

The bike? I tried to fix it, adjusted the gears and the front alignment, but it's not riding the same. I guess I'm not really a professional at fixing it after such a huge crash; it obviously takes more than tinkering, and it needs a lot more time. I'll keep trying to fix it, I want to fix it, but that wobble isn't looking any better, unfortunately. It really requires a complete rebuild. I'll never give up the biking because of this accident; I love it too much and I guess it was my partly fault as well, just for riding too close to the damn swinging doors. Time for a new bike? When I'm ready to ride I suppose, but it's gonna take some time to heal, and maybe by then the wobble will be repaired. Or, maybe not; it's not like the old bike was without its problems, but, definitely worth fixing.

ps. Thanks to Ryan for sending me Joel Plaskett's In Need of Medical Attention (63mb) and see you at the show! Wow.. he (Plaskett, that is) has come a long way... not a bad album for a first solo, but still lots of Thrush Hermit in him there... sounds so young, lost and disappointed in himself. The medical theme throughout is fantastic though... Few highlights?: 1, 2, 6, 9, 10.

02. When I Have My Vision

Goodness gracious me, I'm sure
It's raining harder than it ever has before
I can feel it coming down so hard
Can't help but think somebody's got my calling card
I'm waiting on admission to heaven
So wake me up at 7
I'll go out and find something to do
And one of these days, when I have my vision
I'm gonna make a speech and I'm gonna charge admission

We're gonna have a big parade
To celebrate all the money that we made
I wanna ride on the top of the float
And stare at all the people and gloat
I don't like sleeping in late
So wake me up at 8
I'll go out and find something to do
And one of these days when I have my vision
There's gonna be no reason for this ugly indecision

Well here we are, and I'm shit outta luck
So I think it's time for me to pass the buck
If I'm in the car when it crashes
Miss me most and you can kiss my ashes
Things seem to be coming up all the time
So wake me up at 9
I'll go out and find something to do
And one of these days, when I have my vision
I'll let 'em lay me on the table and make the first incision

I heard once that it don't make sense
To build a wall where you shoulda put a fence
I heard twice you should not put me
Where you put a fridge, a couch and a TV
The world needs a few good men
So wake me up at 10
I'll go out and find something to do
And one of these days, when I have my vision
I'm still waiting on admission into heaven
So wake me up at quarter past 11
I'll go out and find something to do
And one of these days when I have my vision
I will gather my disciples for the final expedition