Friday, April 24, 2009

Best place to launch a canoe to Toronto Island?

... and, I suppose, best landing site? Anyone got any ideas?.. This is what I got so far...

Get into the lagoons? -(ummm... pdf warning - but good detailed maps)

I want to try to get over there in the next week or two, and maybe even this weekend if anyone is up for it... This would be the first trial run, so the run won't be ideal, but it will give some ideas on what's possible, where you can and can't go (lagoons??), what will and won't fit on the canoes (bikes, picnic equipment, etc), learning what would be good to take, what is not necessary, and if two canoes are possible to portage on the bike trailer (which has arrived!).

Anyway, if you're up for the inaugural run, let me know.

Meat business cards

Goes well with the a new Walrus blog entry by Joel McConvey:

...these ideas give us meat as one of the few things in our culture that signifies both elite status and normalcy, both power and conformity. What I find puzzling is that, when you look at how we eat these days, the notion of meat as manly in the predator/prey sense, or as traditional in the sense of being a great normalizer, falls apart.