Thursday, April 23, 2009


The above link will allow you to download almost any Wiretap episode, organized by date. I'm downloading them now, and will post a zip with all of them soon!
Also, Goldstein is showing up at This is Not a Reading Series which I'm planning on attending...:

Has any book inspired as many jokes as The Bible? And can you think another bestselling title with such a clumsy ending? To celebrate the launch of Ladies And Gentlemen, The Bible! (Penguin Group Canada) noted author and CBC Radio personality Jonathan Goldstein will share the stage with Canadian Comedy Award-winners Monkey Toast: The Improvised Talk Show. Come, witness all of human history, from The Book Of Genesis to The Apocrypha, told in the form of divinely-inspired improvised comedy. Marc Glassman, Executive Director of This Is Not A Reading Series and Proprietor of Pages Books & Magazines will host the evening. – A This is Not A Reading Series event presented by Pages Books & Magazines, Penguin Group (Canada), NOW Magazine, and Take Five On CIUT.
The Rivoli, 334 Queen St West, Toronto
Wed Apr 29; 8pm (Doors 7:30pm) $5 (Free with Book Purchase)

More bittorrent news.. Judge on the take.

Peter Althin, who represented Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde in the case, said Thursday he would request a retrial after Judge Tomas Norstrom confirmed Swedish Radio reports that he was a member of two copyright-protection organizations.

Super. And he says he's apparently unaffected by that, coming in with no pre-conceived notions. Uh-huh. The music/film industry distribution faculties are really fighting for their obsolete existence.

Morning sickness is great for everyone, especially the baby!

This is something I didn't realize...

"It's long been known that while hard to endure, nausea is actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Women who suffer from morning sickness are less likely to miscarry and less likely to give birth to babies with congenital cardiovascular problems.

The thinking is that some hormones secreted by the placenta — hormones needed for a healthy pregnancy — trigger the nausea..."

And they come out more developed and smarter?! Cool!

Cubism and 4 dimensions...

So, just another thing I've been thinking of lately, especially after an extended discussion during Easter weekend with the family; Picasso's cubism, and the fourth spatial dimension...

I'll post more on it later when it's not so late, but here are a few teasers...

It is important to fully realize the importance of cubism. It isn't just "Picasso's style" but marks the real beginning of abstract art. Picasso's predecessors, such as the impressionists, the fauvists and Cezanne were still principally tied to nature as a model to elaborate on. With Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Picasso reached a level of abstraction that was a radical enough break with the classical dominance of content over form, a hierarchy which is reversed in Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and the style which followed from it: Cubism.

Cubism as a forth dimension explained quickly... I suppose not really a 4th spacial dimension, but a concept that is carried through the 4D experience; being able to see all sides, and insides of everything, all at once.

Carl Sagan has gone bunkers, and discusses dimensionality. Gets good only after he stops discussing flatland, after about 5 minutes... but still, a nice review of it in classic Sagan speak.

Don't go crazy, with the coffee...

Coffee drinkers at mid-life had lower risks of dementia and Alzheimer's later in life compared with those drinking little or no coffee.

Just how coffee might protect the brain isn't known, but the researchers have three theories...