Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Blessing of the Bikes...

"A long time ago my nice Jewish mother mailed me a very small newspaper article about a motorcycle club in Connecticut that does a ride every year to a shrine for a Blessing of the Motorcycles. And like all good Jewish sons everywhere, I rolled my eyes when I saw yet another newspaper clip coming in from my MOM, threw it away, and promptly forgot all about it..."

New K-Os Album

What a photoshop disaster.


I heard him on the Cbc a few days ago pimping his new album, his newly renewed (in his mind) street rapping cred, his freedom with this album and his label, how he names his songs (How I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman - "I was asked to change the original name, and that just came to me..." type thing) and his aspirations to move on to west-south-west America, cuz, he finds that he just has more to offer than Canada can take.

So, the album itself isn't that bad... Songs 1,3 and 5 are good... second half seems to fall off a bit.

But, who does he think he is?.. the White Stripes? "YES!"? So, you found a cutout that fit over an exit sign, thought it looked cool and decided to put it on the front of your cd?.. thought, might as well, just call the album that?.. wait a second, is that YES! sign a photoshop too?.. and an allusion that you're going back to your "EXIT" album roots?.. Bril. ugh... that album cover looks horrendous. Is that accoustic guitar photoshopped too?

I can say that some of the songs in there aren't bad all; it just seems like he's an artist working off one or two great original ideas a few years ago.. now he's just marketing (himself), hype, and trying to be something he's not (like I know the real k-os.. ). Anyway, just something not fully himself/genuine with his work lately, is the way I feel.

CD release party at Wrongbar, which apparently was two days ago... oh, such a timely log.

New Yorkers pictured over time, not space

The concept, by artist Peter Funch, is done by going back to the same shot at the same place for about 2 weeks. Then produce a composite of some of the shots taken to form a theme of some sorts..

A bit reminiscent of this:

Modern History is a series of collages assembled exclusively from screen grabs of Youtube videos. This is a work in progress and the site will be updated as I finish new pieces.