Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Staircase bookshelves..

Seems pretty easy to do to any staircase... especially if you wanted to keep it on one side and simply narrowing the climb (would you have to make them detachable/fold-able for moving furniture?.. look at the below link for ideas!).

So easy to do, and best place to read and reference a book on the fly? Yes.


Also, some other thoughtfully designed staircases here!

Wow, this is just embarrassing.

Hot people for coal. This is hilarious. Via Direct link isn't working to that post, but read this instead - Why “Clean Coal” Isn’t.

Over at Grist last month, Dave Roberts boiled down the scam: “They leave the definition of ‘clean coal’ deliberately ambiguous. As ACCCE spokesman Joe Lucas said on NPR the other day, ‘clean coal’ is an evolutionary term.” By “evolutionary,” of course, he means, “whatever we need it to mean at the moment.”...

It becomes a game of rhetorical bait-and-switch. Point out that there are exactly zero commercial power plants in the U.S. that sequester any carbon emissions, and “clean coal” advocates talk about how they’ve reduced “emissions” (though not greenhouse gasses). Mention that coal-burning power plants are still the country’s largest source of acid-rain-causing sulfur dioxide pollution and airborne emissions of birth-defect- and brain-damage-causing mercury pollution—or that they’re responsible for roughly 24,000 deaths every year in the United States—and ACCCE will tell you that they’re a mere ten years away from perfecting the art of carbon capture.

And that’s not to even speak of the devastation wrought from mountaintop removal mining or the toxic waste left over after coal is burned.

Ken Burns' National Parks

I've had a couple people ask for this torrent... it's not available yet, but you can watch the entire series (plus outtakes and extras!) for free until October 9th, when by then, a torrent should be available(?!)

Black bear begs for food at a Yellowstone roadside, 1937

Episode One: "The Scripture of Nature" (1851–1890)

The astonishing beauty of Yosemite Valley and the geyser wonderland of Yellowstone give birth to the radical idea of creating national parks for the enjoyment of everyone; John Muir becomes their eloquent defender.

Haven't had the chance to watch it yet... but looking forward to it.

Updated from here.

UPDATE 09.10.09: Torrents here

Do you drink from public water fountains?

"The rise of bottled water here in the States shows how a public institution can be demonized and replaced by a much more expensive privatized solution.

If you can put down the alcohol wipes to look at the numbers, though, you'll learn that tap water is safe, and that the government standards for tap water are higher than the standards required for the commercial stuff.

Charter schools are like bottled water--they're believed to be superior, and their standards are less stringent that their more public counterparts. (Yes, I know that charter schools are part of the public school systems, but they are not public in the sense that they equally accept all students. This difference matters.)"

(via Boingboing)

Reminds me of the loss of community Pier Giorogio discussed in this excellent "The Agenda" episode:

Also, on a COMPLETE side note, potential health benefits for schools... making water as available as candy and pop.. "students who attended schools that encouraged water drinking were 30 percent less likely to be overweight."

"That poor bird..."

A SUPER large egg.. with a surprise! (umm.. don't look below.)

How it's done here:

(via geekpress!)

Stressed hens.