Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honky night?

Several Toronto musicians and bands get together (at the Silver Dollar) for a monthly homage to country's classic era. A real hootenanny, sure to get yer boots kickin' and heads spinnin'! This month they will be preforming Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline in it's entirety along with other country classics.


What happens when you mix environmentalism, social justice and community activism with elementary education? You get the Grove Community School (GCS). After two years of preparation, the proposed alternative public elementary school on Gladstone (just north of Queen) has been approved by the Toronto District School Board. The K-6 school is set to open its doors in September of 2009 at the Alexander Muir/Gladstone Avenue Public School.

According to the GCS mission, the school seeks to "support the diverse developmental and educational needs of students in a learning environment emphasizing environmentalism, social justice, and community activism." As part of this process, the school will establish an open and collaborative community where students, teachers, parents and community members will help determine its guiding values, principals and curriculum.

Gifts, DRM and slavery

Gordon Brown and Obama exchange gifts; Obama's doesn't work because of region issues. Gordon Brown's gift rocks.

When in a gun fight, here are some suggestions, ahem.. rules.