Friday, October 9, 2009

Ken Burns' National Parks torrents

Updated from here.

Here they are:

Episode One: "The Scripture of Nature"

Episode Two: "The Last Refuge"

Episode Three: "The Empire of Grandeur"

Episode Four: "Going Home"

Episode Five: "Great Nature"

Episode Six: "The Morning of Creation"

Proportion of women cyclists as indicator of infrastructure safety

In the U.S., men’s cycling trips surpass women’s by at least 2:1. This ratio stands in marked contrast to cycling in European countries, where urban biking is a way of life and draws about as many women as men—sometimes more. In the Netherlands, where 27 percent of all trips are made by bike, 55 percent of all riders are women. In Germany 12 percent of all trips are on bikes, 49 percent of which are made by women.

“If you want to know if an urban environment supports cycling, you can forget about all the detailed ‘bikeability indexes’—just measure the proportion of cyclists who are female,” says Jan Garrard, a senior lecturer at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, and author of several studies on biking and gender differences.

Women are considered an “indicator species” for bike-friendly cities for several reasons. First, studies across disciplines as disparate as criminology and child ­rearing have shown that women are more averse to risk than men. In the cycling arena, that risk aversion translates into increased demand for safe bike infrastructure as a prerequisite for riding.

Ahead of the curve may be New York City, where about five miles of traffic-protected bike lanes have recently been installed. Credit goes to the new Department of Transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, who is upending the department’s long-standing focus on trucks and automobiles. Remarks Pucher: “A woman cyclist became head of the DOT, and wonderful things started happening.”

I'm not sure I totally agree with this, but it may show something. It could also be correlated with the number total cyclists from total cycling inclined stats (which admittedly does have more than something to do with safety and infrastructure). Still, it sounds like an interesting paper.

A few pictures from Montreal

Once every year or two a few of us try to make a weekend trip up to Montreal. A bit of a smaller group this time around, and definitely not as intense (thankfully!), and much more fun than usual!

Jeremy and Dharam, arriving in style.

First stop; obviously St. Hubert's.

Adam asked me once if there was any main advantage to the iphone over the blackberry. I give you this: St. Hubert's iphone app.

After some walking we went to beautiful Le Sainte-Elisabeth bar, with their 45 meter high ivy covered terrace...

There was a dude going around raising money for his wedding (or beers) by selling off lollipops. We all got one. Not all of us decided to put it in our hair.

We ended up staying there for a while...

Outside, glamour shots of the group!

ugh... those grins..

Dharam - lead singer and song writer; we're actually called Dharam and the jerks.
Jeremy - Bassist that scores all the groupies.
Kari - Vocals and tambourine; the only reason why anyone listens us.
Adam - Guitarist that has three solo records on the side and the only one actually making money.
Peter - No talent drummer who previously played for a garage band (in a garage) in Penetanguishene.

Wait! one last late addition to the band list!

Afterwards we decided to regroup at the hotel for a bit and look up a good place to eat dinner.

Kari helping Adam find a good place to eat on what's called 'the internet'.

Polish festival, plus a few randoms...

The Polish Festival on Roncesvalles. Jeremy and I hit the day party hard. Then we danced the night away (with a few more friends) at 317 Ronces; lucky no pictures of that.

Early indication? Thumbs up.

Donna and Chris hitting the pavement, shaking hands.

Which way is up?

Lunch. Only cheese pierogi here, but two types!


Camera strap.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Tony Cauch, my banker and excellent friend! Fine job today, and everyday as part of the Ronces BA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my mom!

Crawling down west.

Later, back at the festival...

The next day..

.. and maybe a few days later. Went to the Jay game with my cousin Jack. Tried the wings at the park; pretty good>.. preeety goood. Tried the dry rub and ones with a super sauce.. Louisiana something something?.. Although the dry rubs came highly recommended, the Louisiana's ones won me over.




Back at home...