Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Into wordgames.. .

Ever since Bananagrams a few days ago, I'm liking the word games... I'm memorizing those two letter words!

Here are two great ones:
Text Twist 2

btw, warded?

update 09.03.19: Try the 'Lightning' option for Text Twist 2; only bonus (full) words count!

ok.. time to call it.. I can't get back into the same feeling tonight...

Will try to kick it back up another night, without the computer getting all wacky. Here are the songs I listened to while away from here. Upcoming: More Skaggs, but with Rice. And will revisit the Flatt and Scruggs, Wreck of old 97.. move from there wherever it leads...

one last one from a friend:

Last song of the night due to technical difficulties... Elvis Costello: Oliver's Army

Wow.. what a hook!!! Such a great chord progression!

Better Live!!!

Man, his voice sounds so great live.

One more..


Meaning: posted by someone on that site: a bit of Britain's military involvements post WW2 - "we could be in Palestine" - Britain was involved in a conflict in Palestine in 1947/1948, between Israelis and Arabs. "Overrun by the Chinese line" refers to the Korean war, when China intervened on behalf of North Korea - the Gloster regiment was "overrun" at the battle of Imjin River. The Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne... well, Liverpool is on the Mersey, London on the Thames, Newcastle on the Tyne. These cities were all big industrial cities, so with the decline of British industry post warits easy to see how these would be fertile grounds for army recruitment. "Checkpoint Charlie" was on the Berlin wall - It was of key importance during the Berlin Airlift (late 40s/early 50s? not sure of specific date). Though the "Johannesburg" reference could apply to the Boer war, I thought it could just as easily apply to places such as Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) that border on South Africa, and which had their independence struggles in the 1960s and 1970s, in which a great many mercenaries from European countries were involved (hence the out of work... so having to become a mercenary or something). Then again, Churchill was involved in British military history in both the Boer and First World wars, as well as the Second World War, so it could be a reference to the Boer War. Just my interpretation... hope that helps. Oh - and "White Nigger" refers to the Irish... they used to be treated in Britain almost as badly as black people were treated in the U.S.

Wanna hear it butchered? Actually, please don't listen to/watch this... such a downer. The song isn't automatically great, Elvis made that song. Need more proof? Gawd aweful. If you do listen to these versions, do yourself a favour, relisten to the Costello version and get that good feeling back again.