Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Re: Circadian rhythms.

Charles Czeisler of Harvard University established a decade ago that the mean for the intrinsic, or “free-running,” activity rhythm is 24 hours 11 minutes, plus or minus 16 minutes. It is not 24 hours 11 minutes for everyone, of course, as there is considerable variation among individuals and over the course of one’s life.


By studying the family relationships, Pt├ícek found that the disorder is inherited, and he has found the genes involved. The genetic implications prompted two senior researchers to comment, “It seems that our parents — through their DNA — continue to influence our bedtimes.”


Humans have broken many links with the natural world. Our food comes pre-packed, our drink pre-bottled and we take pills instead of chewing leaves. Electricity turns our nights into days, and central heating our winters into spring. But if we go deep into a dark cave without a watch, after a few days we revert to ancient patterns. Deprived of time cues, our rhythms slowly drift out of alignment with the outside world.

Polish pianist stands his ground.

Poland's Krystian Zimerman, acclaimed as one of the world's finest pianists, shocked his audience at Disney Hall in Los Angeles Sunday evening by stopping his recital and announcing that this would be his last performance in the U.S.

"Get your hands off my country," Zimerman, who doesn't allow photos to be taken of his performances, told the audience. He denounced American military policies overseas and particularly in Poland, accusing the U.S. of trying to control the world.


Others remained but shouted for him to shut up and play the piano, and still others cheered. Then Zimerman launched into Karol Szymanowski's Variations on a Polish Folk Theme with such intensity that the audience gave him multiple ovations.

The Los Angeles Times noted on Tuesday that U.S. military policy has recently been a hot-button issue in Poland. Poles have been upset that the CIA held suspected al-Qaeda militants in secret prisons in Poland, and many objected to the Bush administration's plans to use Poland as part of a European missile defence shield.


Zimerman's outburst on Sunday may have been clumsy, Service added in the Guardian's On Classical blog, but it was relevant to the music he was playing.

"From Paderewski, Poland's piano virtuoso prime minister … countless classical composers and performers have been just as vocal and committed in their political beliefs," he noted.

"It's probable Zimerman only made his speech because of the Polish music he was about to play. Playing Bach and Beethoven is one thing, but performing Szymanowski's virtuosic Polish Variations for the exotic East-European delectation of a Los Angeles audience must have stuck in Zimerman's craw. Which is why he exploded in his 'quiet but angry' way."

Here's young Zimerman playing Chopin's 3rd Ballad. Apparently I never quite understood what tickling the ivory meant...

Man; Youtube Fight!

Zimerman plays Schubert Impromptu Op. 90 No. 2


Dong-Min Lim Schubert Impromptus Op.90 No.2

vs... there are tons more.

Artist of the day: Classified

During driving the SUV for the Scots, I had some down time in downtown Steeltown and listened to a Q live in studio appearance with Classified.

Luke Boyd, known professionally as Classified, is an underground Canadian rapper and producer from Enfield, Nova Scotia.

His 2005 album Boy-Cott-In the Industry reached #46 on SoundScan's Canadian R&B charts. His singles "The Maritimes", "5th Element" and "No Mistakes" were all Top 20 hits on MuchMusic and MTV Canada that year. His video for "No Mistakes" won an MMVA for MuchVibe Best Rap Video.

Boy-Cott-In the Industry earned him a Juno Award nomination for Rap Recording of the Year in 2006,[1] and Hitch Hikin' Music resulted in a second one in 2007.

Three good songs from his new good album Self-Explanatory; yes, better than K-Os.

Anybody Listening (a remix-type-thing of a Phil Collins' song)

One Track Mind (ft. Joel Plaskett)

Also, Quit while you're ahead, with Maestro, Choclair and Moka, is awesome.

Download full album here

AND, AND AND! It's a choose your own adventure CD!!! (sort of.. idea is there).
I had this idea back in 2001... at the end of certain tracks you can decide how the mix goes!... (skip to track 24 if you want to continue driving, drop back to track 4 if so and so... ). I remember recording the tracks/radio for an entire 24 hour day... mine was/is based on a single, specific, solid day of work. Anyway, another never released, never revisited album, but Classified does it, alright... ;) He's more into the music recording than I was pho sho.

Now this is some great photoshop work!:

Album highlights?:
Bike references throughout (including the choose your own adventure)
"got the club running like a track meet.. "
"I don't fuck with the facebook cuz I need my space..."

umm... and not one bad track on the album.

15 May 2009 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, Ontario