Monday, June 15, 2009

Polaris 2009 Long list

From the mailing list...

Without further delay, here is the 40-strong 2009 Polaris Music Prize Long List.

Arkells - Jackson Square
Jill Barber - Chances
Beast - Beast
Bell Orchestre - As Seen Through Windows
Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth
Bruce Peninsula - A Mountain Is A Mouth
Cœur De Pirate - Cœur De Pirate
Leonard Cohen - Live In London
D-Sisive - Let The Children Die
Elephant Stone - The Seven Seas (Demonoid account req.)
Elliott Brood - Mountain Meadows
Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life
Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels (Popups and wait 1.5 min)
Handsome Furs - Face Control
Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country
Hey Rosetta! - Into Your Lungs
Japandroids - Post-Nothing (Demonoid account req.)
Junior Boys - Begone Dull Care
K'NAAN - Troubadour
La patère rose - La patère rose

Land Of Talk - Some Are Lakes
Lhasa - Lhasa
Malajube - Labyrinthes
Metric - Fantasies
One Hundred Dollars - Forest Of Tears
Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love
Joel Plaskett - Three
Snailhouse - Lies On The Prize
Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project (Demonoid account req.)
Rae Spoon - superioryouareinferior
The Stills - Oceans Will Rise
Think About Life - Family (Popups and wait 1.5 min)
Timber Timbre - Timber Timbre
Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane
Martha Wainwright - I Know You're Married
But I've Got Feelings Too
Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms
Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
Women - Women
Woodpigeon - Treasury Library Canada
C/W Houndstooth Europa

No Julie Doiron?

The Long List is newly and proudly presented this year by the Canada Council for the Arts.

The jury will now take this list and vote again to come up with the Short List, which will be announced at 11am est on July 7 from the Sky Yard of the Drake Hotel in Toronto, and will be broadcast live across Canada and the U.S. on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Canada's CBC Radio 3 channel 86 at 11am EST.

Will post download links to these as I gt them... download and listen to the music. It goes without saying, but if you like the music, go see the band, tell your friends about them, maybe buy a t-shirt at their show...

And, if you want a Demonoid account, just ask and I can send you an invite.


Milwaukee was a blast! Went down to visit Jeremy's brother Basil, who now lives in Milwaukee after falling in love with it after going to school there. The drive down was mired in traffic after Gary Indiana, but we ended up getting in just before 7pm, in time to catch the Penguins beat the Wings. Watching from a local bar was another treat.

Basil ordered up some Jalapeno poppers for appetizers. Ordered in Toronto, you might get 4.. maybe 6. In Milwaukee, the standard Jalapeno app will net you well over 40 poppers! Awesome. After a few wings and burgers, Basil got us playing some darts... I lament not bringing the camera out that night; fantastic. The local scene still has smoking in bars (changing as of July 1st next year). Ashtrays beside the urinals was funny to see. Gambling machines throughout, as well as children sitting at the bar. The baseball game was on every tv; we had to ask to get game 7 on. Everyone there is super friendly, and we ended the night playing some Wii in Bas' basement... great night.

Next day we went to the Brewer's - Sox game, starting our tailgating experience at noon. There was a line-up to get into the parking lot three hours before the first pitch. White, mid-west America.

Setting up the tailgate. Aaron and Bas were amazing hosts, and they've clearly got this tailgating thing down.

Some bean-bag playing.


We were set up in the parking lot across the highway... there's a tunnel which allows a five minute walk to the park. Here the roof starts to open...

Aaron, who's good friends with Basil, thought of everything.

Tons of people in the parking lot.

That's Aaron there, bbqing.

Mmmm... bacon cheeseburgers and beans.

After lunch...

Basil shows us his 'wave' dance.

Porto-potty, on the back of a pick up...

Hank Aaron.

Miller Park. Retractable roof fans opens about 80 degrees from just behind home plate.

The old beer slide has been replaced.

Scoring the game!

Jeremy falls asleep; mistake.

Ahhh, Aaron and his masturbating beer bottle.

Can you guess which one is the Polish sausage?

So, after the game, while waiting for the boys' wives to pick us up (oh yeah.), we started the tailgate back up...

... and made some friends.

Here's Jer playing some parking lot football.

Basil gets Aaron into the wave dance.

Aaron gets rejected trying to masturbate his bottle once again.

Aficionado. That night we all ended up passing out at home just after 9pm. What a great day. And yes, that is Triple X beer, straight from duty free, as specially requested by Bas.

Next day, time to head back up to Canada.

Breakfast along the Chicago waterfront.

New Comiskey (U.S. Cellular Field).

And, of course, dinner at Arby's.



Fantastic time and road trip (I love road trips!), made especially great by our hosts. Thanks again, Basil, Nicky, and of course, Aaron.