Friday, September 18, 2009

Kari's cottage

Located on Charleston Lake, we made our way out of the city during rush hour Friday.. it wasn't all that bad, and we were pretty much always moving, perhaps due to the return back to my place for meat I forgot...

Picked up Adam at his office at Queen's Park. Should have gone in and seen it.. didn't think.

Stopped in Whitby to eat and bring up some ribs and pulled pork.

Some of us were lucky enough not to be driving...



When everyone else went to sleep I had the opportunity to take a few dozen night shots... which I won't show you cuz I respect your time.

Pretty self explanitory.

Golf balls from the bottom of the lake... Apparently the hardest Jordan has worked to play a bit of golf. Final score: 13-2?

Adam learning to golf. As great as it sounds!

Massive bbq w massive amount of meat for 6 people. Claire mixed the burgers according to a family recipe... And I have to say, I think they were probably the best burgers I ever had. Yeah. That good.

Dinner, consisting of 2 racks of ribs, 18 burgers, salad, fried onions and mixed vegetables. Top 5 dinner. Everything was so good.

Later, at the fire, looking at the drinks and the sauna.

Coal Miner's Daughter; Hastings kept the fire burning large that night.

The array.

I'm unhappy to report there was some bicep kissing that night.

Not my feet...

Those golfing tips really show!


Wrist deep in the stinker.

Out on the motorboat.