Thursday, August 27, 2009

Argos - Lisa wins a trip to Cuba!

August 14th game: Argos vs. Lions. Great game, until the final 8-9 minutes, where the Boatmen fell apart. Other than the game itself, a very fun evening.

Yup, that's Lisa down there. Apparently see was asked the game before but declined (?!). This time I think we got enough beer in her.

She mentioned afterward that they were having trouble with the towel; hence the straight arm running style and hand behind the head.

Jason passing tips along?


Look carefully below.. very carefully.

The burger making contest. Lisa wasn't the only one who won big that night. That guy carrying the cheese made me 2 bones richer.

Demonstrations; above and below.

Kicker (Medlock) played great; 3 field goals from 50+ yards, 7 for 7 +1 XP that night.

This is all in anticipation for tonight; our flag football semi-finals!

Three posts from

Mystical Creatures Venn diagram


I like maps. Here's a list (with detailed pictures) of 20 distinctive old school maps.

Belgium as a Lion.


The Best of Wikipedia blog.

Nice little brain expansion page. For example, last night I looked up this one:

Experiments with the Revival of Organisms. Pretty cool stuf, and I knew they tried it, but got a few more details here. I decided to look up the movie, and wouldn't you know; youtube.

The video is a bit dry, and very slow moving, but the deliberate progression is certainly there, and nice to see it translated into English (complete with title and video overlays!).

or, this one:

Thought-terminating Cliché A thought-terminating cliché is a commonly used phrase, sometimes passing as folk wisdom, used to quell cognitive dissonance. Though the phrase in and of itself may be valid in certain contexts, its application as a means of dismissing dissention or justifying fallacious logic is what makes it thought-terminating. Thought-terminating clichés are sometimes used during political discourse to enhance appeal or to shut down debate. In this setting, their usage can usually be classified as a logical fallacy. (via @thefigg88)