Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am packing my bags!

Hilarious hick kid. This is tv gold.

Anna's 25th birthday!


We went to La Veranda at Royal York and Bloor; food was ok.. nothing special. Lacked creativity, almost chain-ish... but, fun night (before getting pulled away for a football draft :(.

Dad excitedly tearing open a gift from Africa.

This one's for you Anna, cuz it's your birthday.

No more salt!

Labour Day, classic.

I went down to the Labour Cay Classic with a few great friends; Argos at the Ti-Cats. What a fantastic day, from start to finish.

Setting up the bbq... A few of us arrived a bit late for the start of the tailgating, but it didn't matter one bit.

Above and below; beef tongue. Yeah. Fuck yeah.

Surprisingly sweet!

Master of ceremonies at work.

Look below. Kari, arm in arm with the Pinball. The arm grab; the expression (click to enlarge!).

Happiness ensues.