Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mashups; man, I really am starting to HATE mashups.

Am I the only one who doesn't like these things??? Ok, this one isn't that bad, but most of the time they are just really frustrating to listen to!

World Map

Call letter orignations

CBL       Toronto, ON             
C)B)C Great L)akes

CFRC Kingston, ON
C)anada's F)inest R)ugby C)hampions
Note: operated by Queen's University at
Kingston, it is Canada's second oldest

Sitcom map of NYC

Weekend - it takes two to tango

Relaxing weekend. Had a chance to decompress a bit after a horrible week. Got on the bike quite a bit, played some word games, finished reading The Believers, made some incredibly tough decisions I never wanted to make, still don't, not sure if they're right, but no other options at this point.

Off to Chicago for five days this week, although I'd still rather be at home. I'm really enjoying the new Joel Plaskett release, and can't wait to see him at Massey Hall. That album, and the new Bradleyboy are on rotation right now...

Started with a Saturday bbq at work with some delicious steaks and potatoes, cooked by Robert.

Then off to the Raptor's game Sunday with Donna, Anna and Chris for Donna's Birthday! Happy 27th Donna!

... And another great opportunity to play with the new camera.

For Donna; all organized by Anna!

Afterwards we went to Fresh, where I got the hint to stop taking pictures...

Susur Lee in NYC

Not that bad, and not that good apparently.