Friday, February 20, 2009

oh twitter.

Fantastic blog entry re: twitter and The Real Shaq.

The Boxtops

Bob Odenkirk?

From wiki: The Box Tops were a Memphis pop music group of the late 1960s. They are best known for the hits "The Letter," "Neon Rainbow", "Soul Deep" and "Cry Like A Baby," and are considered a major blue-eyed soul group of the period. (ed: legit white soul pop band)

the money maker:

Joe Cocker cover, 1970:

aside, has Cocker's voice ever changed? short answer, no. :


Additional songs:
(1) haha.. listen, not watch. It's a fucking 45 spinning. ... sounds a bit like Joe Cocker no?


great voice, but not the emotion of, yes, Joe Cocker:

- Another Alex re-introduction band. Procol Harum next!

New Mando Diao album

One of my top ten shows ever has to be Mano Diao at the Horsehoe, 2007, just after my birthday if I remember right. My friends and I had just discovered, for some reason, that we could buy pitchers at the front, walk them (the pitchers) up the three steps, and have them inside the band area.

I'm sure you've encountered those assholes at shows, who stand in the middle, dance and sing along together to every song, in their own world. We were those guys that night. Fortunately for us only, I suppose. Anyway, great night, great album they were touring on (Ode to Ochrassy, plus great old stuff), and i can't wait until they come back again.


To China with love:

Welcome home Luc Robitaille:
- A Hayden-esque mic breath-closeness, but in a rock song...

Mr. Moon:

Mr. Moon live:

New Beirut album

From what I've heard sounds great, but no development of self, sound, from their last album. Which is totally fine. Maybe this type of music never develops?.. I don't know, there's something missing between this album and the last... over production.. too tight. You can really hear the (over)production at the beginning and end of the songs... not loose. Still good, but loosing that feeling. Umm.. knowing a few gypsy folk, I think they would like, and I would/have introduced their, Beirut's last album, to them. This one I would not...

I have some great stories about a gypsy woman working for us as an administrator - mostly about interactions involved in a dominated male work place. Man, great girl, very secure and sure of her ways. Very bright girl. And in the same way (what may have formed that greatness as well) is a structure in the very different and lovely culture.

Song of the Day: Calexico - Sunken Waltz




Live version:


An article by Michael Lewis on bball and the redemption of Shane Battier. Mike's caught on to baseball, tackled football, now traveling to basketball...

Bloor business should be for bikelanes

The report: Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business (pdf file)

Bells on Bloor

A lot has been written about this Bloor bike lane, so I'm not gonna repeat it here.. .not sure if it would make that much of a difference immediately, but would definitely have a longer term impact making novice riders feel safe and comfortable biking on Bloor street, enhancing business, and eventually add to a tourist-type package potential of Toronto. It's an easy concept that has obvious benefits for all. Side steets in Toronto are great for riding, but something like this would be marvelous.