Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perimeter Institute: Two things on my mind.


Tickets go on sale September 1st. They're celebrating 10 years since the idea of the institute.

Events will take place from October 15 to 25, 2009, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Perimeter Institute’s creation, contributing to Canada's National Science and Technology Week activities, and providing one of the world’s most interesting on-site and online destinations during this International Year of Astronomy.

More info here:


Just received this book as a (fantastic) gift. A first hand account of the creation of the Perimeter Institute from the founding executive director(!), who has subsequently left (in 2007). Experience all the "turf wars and ego clashes"! Science book? I don't think so (haven't read it yet.. ), but there's an index in the back!

Free to borrow in early July.

Jose Canseco

Ok, everyone's chiming in on him, and I'd leave it alone, but this is just too much:

NEW YORK -- Jose Canseco plans to file a class-action lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the players' association, saying he's been ostracized for going public with tales of steroids use in the sport....

...Canseco said the basis of the suit would be "lost wages -- in some cases, defamation of character."

"Because I used steroids and I came out with a book, I was kicked out of the game, but I have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame," Canseco said in a telephone interview.

"A lot of these players have not been inducted into the Hall of Fame: Mark McGwire and so forth. They're losing salaries, because obviously when you're inducted into the Hall of Fame, you get asked to do certain, you know, appearances and shows and so forth, which incorporates income. So there is a major income loss.

"Not even that, baseball blackballs you from their family, meaning you can't have a future proper reference from them, a job, no managerial jobs, no coaching jobs, nothing. They completely sever you."


Here's a great article from Deadspin on Canseco; a fantastic read.