Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Treme, S01E01, and beyond. Shit, fuck, shit.

How motherfucking awesome is Treme?

All music on the episode comes from a radio, a dj, live, etc... all the music is laced in. Song is so involved within the entire show, and not really a spoiler, but it continues as the series goes on... it reminds me of a Polish tradition... going to Poland with my dad, all they did was get together and sing songs (longer story there... ). We don't have that here.

A great scene of availability. I was about to type this up myself but someone else did it better:

"In the middle of the first episode of David Simon’s New Orleans drama “Treme,” chef Janette DeSautel has run out of dessert. And so, three months after Hurricane Katrina, she sells a customer the packaged Hubig’s pie in her purse, telling her sous chef to “dress it up baby – drizzle something on it.”

It’s the tastiest moment in the show – invoking a collective sigh from the New Orleans diaspora – and one of the most inaccurate. There were no fresh Hubig’s pies in the city at that time. The Simon Hubig Co. Inc., which did not flood but sustained serious roof damage following Katrina, didn’t reopen until the first week of January 2006.

“The fact that all she had in her diner as a dessert item was a Hubig’s pie was completely accurate,” Hubig’s Drew Ramsey tells CNN.com, recounting a time post-Katrina when the packaged pies were one of the only treats in town. “The fact that it was a month or so early was artistic license.”

Download the episodes here.

Here's the music to Treme (first episode, with links to the rest.. ), but honestly watch the series before the music. It's passion with research.

Let's start out nice, slow, mob like, and easy...

More links:
Good: http://search.nola.com/treme?date_range=all

Love the series, and actually disappointed I need to wait for future episodes.


Gayley's breakfast to start off the morning. We ordered an extra kids side of blueberry pancakes. I'm not one to take photos of food (ok, gfy) but it turned out that it's not only a nice place and not too busy, but had eager staff and was family run, complete with the youngest brother sleeping-in upstairs, so we were told.

After that, Parkdale plant fair (2 Jaune Flamme stems - Orange fucking tomatoes).. pretty bare. Here's a tip!: If you're ever going to a plant fair, go early! This is to go with the cucumber seeds I have going, which are showing absolutely no signs of cucumbering.

Anyway, the original plan was to head out on lake Ontario in the canoe, but no way that was happening.

So, plan b. Harbourfront art and science fair.

Bridge building. This one held 111 lbs. There is an awesome ly crude joke in there, not too far away...

Cool one above. A sea shell and a megaphone. Further, the sea shell is slowly moved back and forth across the face of the megaphone to simulate the sea change...

Yup, the art and science of how actual oil sand extraction works...

Ten steps... pretty fucking awesome.

A working electromagnetic force hat. Walk around the house with this hat on and listen to music increase in pitch and tempo as you approach higher EMFs (i.e. a laptop).

The one below seemed interesting until I hooked up my phone to it (I totally bought in) and the machine told me it was a "my little pony" in a previous life.

I love this shit.

Ok, this one was an example of an early virtual reality machine, where images in your helmet changed based on the heat produced within the helmet. The harder you breathe...

Alright... not being one for words at the moment (!), Cowbell...

... and some karaoke at Gladstone...

Mother fucking perfect day.