Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Perseids meteor shower, which I only heard about a few days before, reached its peak the morning of August 12th. Apparently. I decided to head north of the city and try to see something, but it turned out to be pretty fruitless. After getting stuck in some 427 traffic (construction - single lane) and on-ramp 400 traffic, there was a major delay just north of the city on the 400, which took about 40 minutes to get through. All this around and just after midnight. Had a gps unit, and kept trying to find somewhere dark asap.

I tried to get lost up there, which apparently is pretty hard to do south of Barrie. I drove all the way up to Orr Lake and took a few shots there..

As you can see, nothing. Moon was too bright, and cloud cover didn't help. I did see one streaker very early on but it wasn't caught on camera as I wasn't really, ummm, ready. Oh well, there's always next time.


Here's a very short video taken this year... doesn't seem like too much activity either. Not sure when or where it was taken, but here's the Flickr page for it.

Sunset Rubdown - Pitchfork TV special

New Spacing Magazine

I went to the release party last night at the Gladstone to pick up an issue. Saw one person I know, left sheepishly about a half hour later.

The Issue: The 'burbs

As you can see by the above cover image, the issue’s cover section focuses on Toronto’s suburbs. The city faces its greatest challenges and opportunities in these areas. Spacing senior editor Dylan Reid presents compelling examples of how the suburbs can evolve instead of trying to be reinvented. Spacing’s other senior editor, Shawn Micallef, examines the walkable community of Dorset Park in Scarborough. Our writers explore such things as plans for a downtown Mississauga, environmentalists in Markham, urban farming in subdivisions, the makeover of downtown North York, Burlington’s successful waterfront, and how youth are being engaged to shape the future of their suburban communities.