Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artist of the day: Classified

During driving the SUV for the Scots, I had some down time in downtown Steeltown and listened to a Q live in studio appearance with Classified.

Luke Boyd, known professionally as Classified, is an underground Canadian rapper and producer from Enfield, Nova Scotia.

His 2005 album Boy-Cott-In the Industry reached #46 on SoundScan's Canadian R&B charts. His singles "The Maritimes", "5th Element" and "No Mistakes" were all Top 20 hits on MuchMusic and MTV Canada that year. His video for "No Mistakes" won an MMVA for MuchVibe Best Rap Video.

Boy-Cott-In the Industry earned him a Juno Award nomination for Rap Recording of the Year in 2006,[1] and Hitch Hikin' Music resulted in a second one in 2007.

Three good songs from his new good album Self-Explanatory; yes, better than K-Os.

Anybody Listening (a remix-type-thing of a Phil Collins' song)

One Track Mind (ft. Joel Plaskett)

Also, Quit while you're ahead, with Maestro, Choclair and Moka, is awesome.

Download full album here

AND, AND AND! It's a choose your own adventure CD!!! (sort of.. idea is there).
I had this idea back in 2001... at the end of certain tracks you can decide how the mix goes!... (skip to track 24 if you want to continue driving, drop back to track 4 if so and so... ). I remember recording the tracks/radio for an entire 24 hour day... mine was/is based on a single, specific, solid day of work. Anyway, another never released, never revisited album, but Classified does it, alright... ;) He's more into the music recording than I was pho sho.

Now this is some great photoshop work!:

Album highlights?:
Bike references throughout (including the choose your own adventure)
"got the club running like a track meet.. "
"I don't fuck with the facebook cuz I need my space..."

umm... and not one bad track on the album.

15 May 2009 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, Ontario

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