Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back from Albany!

Well, that was an interesting trip... Not sure when I'll do it again, as it's made a bit of a mess of my sleeping patterns the last few days... But, in saying that the experience was a lot of fun.

Left the house at 2 am to get to Albany around 8 am. The trick here, and why I left at such a weird time is because I needed to get back to the border before 4 pm. I went to import an engine, and well, specifically a car, for testing and use at our site. Vehicle importation into Canada can be done 24/7; however, vehicle exportation from the States can only be done between 8 am and 4 pm. And, as lovely as Albany is, I'm not sure I could justify staying there a night.

Decided not to take any music with me to sample the stations in up-state NY. Took the I-90 which goes through Buffalo, Syracuse, and Utica on the way to Albany. Driving at 2-3 am, you get to listen to the CBC's international radio service. I remember back in school listening to these brodcasts regularly while working on my thesis... Radio Sweden, Prague radio, Radio Poland... Czech radio was discussing Canada's newly proposed immigration laws.

I listened to the CBC as long as I had a signal... then around Syracuse I lost the signal... Flipping from station to station I hit on some Psycho Killer, Of Montreal, apparently Deep Purple is still popular down there, and some BTO TCB...

In Utica, the early morning stations revert to either new country, top 40 rap and top 40 pop. I enlightened myself with the top 40 rap for the most part (... blame it on the a a a aa a a alcohol... is still stuck in my head) as the others would have most likely made me drive off the road.

All went well... the ride back was not too bad, although my engine was definitely stressed hauling that 05' Chevy Suburban back. Musical highlights on the way back included When Doves Cry, Billie Jean, Fun Fun Fun, some Black Velvet and Sex and Candy.

354. Experience the serenity of traveling alone.

Had no problems crossing the border (American border patrol have been much nicer coming in and going out lately than the Canadians have.. ), and gained an experience that I wouldn't give away lightly. Plus the money saved with us buying American large engine trashed cars is pretty significant. I wish I brought the camera along, and next time I go I will...

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