Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of the many questions surrounding the LSATs...

No, not anything necessarily specific on/to the LSAT, but more whys, hows, and wheres (I'm good and bad at). The experience, I suppose. And I have a feeling these posts are going to be totally random.

So, things I learned over the last two first days of LSAT class.

First, when biking (to Jarvis) take College there and back. Queen is fun, but after 4+ hours in class physical exertion is endeavoured; calculated risk computation should be avoided. On College one avoids, for the most part, unparalleled streetcar tracks, cabs, congestion, crossing crowds, and the occasional cat.

Ok... what else, what else... oh, stuff on the test.

Strength - Reading comp. I've always been a concept/forms/structures guy and less a details (who sang that?) sort of guy... Reading comp plays into that perfectly... just read the passage (or 2), and answer the questions.. pretty simple. If there is something specific that I can't remember I'll at least remember where on the page / space it was referenced... Reading speed is not a strength of mine, but time, so far, hasn't been a factor.

Slightly lesser strength - Logic Games /Analytical Reasoning. I'm doing well in the simple / straight forward diagram-out logic games, and learning the tricks for the complicated ones fairly well...

Flat out suck at: Logic Reasoning; and more specifically, Sufficient and Necessary Condition questions. I'm falling on my face with these... I keep on looking for that trick to get them, but end up getting tricked. I know there is a deeper understanding in there that I don't have, but am pretty sure it'll click at some point... just need to start focusing on those one by one and get them intuitive... these types of questions are the root / base of a good number of exam questions, so yeah, gotta get that shit down.

So... not feeling all that bad about the test at the moment... mostly good feelings / experience, but no question there is definitely some stuff I need to work on. I remember learning to drive stick shift with my dad taking me to different auto sales lots... we'd ask to test drive a vehicle (in fairness we were interested in that type of vehicle), and my dad would drive it out of the lot. When sufficiently out of sight we'd switch seats and I'd give it a go. Anyway, the first time in the driver's seat I'm all 16 years old and jacked up, ready to screech the the fuck out of the rear wheels of that basic model Ford Mustang. First gear.. Gas.. Stall. First gear.. Gas.. Stall. Starting to get honked at a bit... yeah, this was at an lit intersection. "So, you're not a natural. No big deal", he said to me.

So glad I did not get that car.

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