Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prediction: Mayor Miller's Downfall

Amendment: Not large enough to be the source of the sole downfall.. film industry money, which really isn't big enough compared to the other city woes. It's like someone coming up to a "model" and telling them that if they pay upfront, they can have an "audition"; prints included.

"The public purpose here is to ensure that screen-based industries thrive in Toronto," he said. "We don't, in the long run, want to run a film studio, that's not what we're good at," he added. "We view this as a transition measure, but the transition may be several years."

okayyyyy\ Cuz the city money had so much to do with having it here in the first place. And really, who cares who it's run by and where it's run? Have we not learned the lessons of marketing and distribution companies from the music industry?: People and location are nothing; money is everything.

Get your shit together. Investing $60+ million in a film company that can't even pay its rent? This is a volatile risk at a time where money would be better used elsewhere. Small budget short term location movies are not where it's at for job creation in Toronto. Non-local company buying (future speculation)? Wow. Actually, thinking about it, trying to put 2 and 2 together.. is this a stock market play? Did the councilors get bought in by stock speculation with the impeding purchase by a larger company. This has nothing really to do with Toronto; this is stock market money.

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