Friday, May 22, 2009

Stratford tickets sales up...

West Side Story anyone?.. I think I'm gonna have to get some fake I.D.

Under 18 $36
16 to 29 $25
30 to 35 up to 50% off
Students $25 and $35

Mmm.. Stratford will always remind me of Slings and Arrows. Absolutely great series (doesn't hurt one bit that Rachel McAdams is in Season 1!), and worth watching instead of anything else you downloaded/your once a week series...

Download?.. here (I have season 3 when you're ready!). Don't know how to download torrents? Look here.

btw, wtf is up with Stratford and their under 18?? Why more expensive than 16-30? (29).

UPDATE: oh wait... it's "savings".

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