Sunday, May 10, 2009

TVO The Agenda: Sharing the Road


At your desk and ready to surf the net for a bit? Push play above and at least listen to the discussion. Nothing earth shattering, but I picked up a few things for sure. All panelists do a great job, and the St. Clair transit construction is discussed near the end as well.

I agree that increased infrastructure is a great step to encourage additional cycling. However, I doubt it will work alone, and there needs to be more done here. The potential addition of road bike availability seems like a natural fit here to me. Going from Parkdale to the downtown core? Nice day out? The logical choice is a bicycle. Now, I can see the argument being made that this only takes away from transit use (and not auto traffic)... hmmm.. and I kind of agree with that. However, I think it could allow (a) more cars coming into Toronto for the afternoon to stop further from the city core and continue the route by bike, (b) make the decision to not own a car in the core a lot easier. I'm still hoping against hope for a downtown congestion charge, and I think these programs would be a perfect triple marriage, that being infrastructure, a DCC, and bike sharing system.

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