Thursday, June 18, 2009

Band of the Day: Japandroids

Duo from Vancouver. Heavy Punky Garage Rock.

Listen here: (although the myspace sound quality won't help... download full album below)

Download full (punky-heavy-ish) album here

Metacritic 86 on metacritic (with a 9.0 from actual users!)

Website: (listen to song here) with a nice video of a photo shoot plan done about two months ago in Toronto's Chinatown:

This is terminally catchy music played with punk's enthusiasm and velocity, and maybe it's the fact that there's only two dudes in this band that makes you feel like joining in to bash along.

Sounds like the heavier Starkicker we've all been waiting for.

They play in Toronto on the 16th of July at the El Mocambo, sold out. The concert will be insane.

Also, long-listed for the Polaris.

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