Monday, August 24, 2009

Album of the Day: R.E.M. - Green

This was the first album I ever purchase on CD. I remember it like yesterday.. falling for it. Still holds up pretty well... Except the songs I liked on the album are not the ones I go back to now. Stipe turned into a bit of a douche, and that whole thing with Courtney Love ended my relationship with REM. Anyway, time to move on!.. Here's Get Up live:

Bill Berry on the drums, and Mike Mills sounds awesome. He actually recorded a few tracks on the Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream (piano on Soma comes to mind). The studio version is better than this acoustic track, but I can't find it free and streaming anywhere... Anyway, I really liked REM through "Automatic for the People" and "Monster"; two great and under-rated albums... after that REM started to blow, in my opinion.

Here's another from the album: You Are The Everything

Download album here from the torrents:

Forgot how to download torrents? Look here.

Lyrics to Get Up (with another video... )

Lyrics to You Are The Everything

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