Friday, August 28, 2009

Food pairings: Which wines match your chips best?

We tasted 19 wines priced less than $15 to go with a range of flavored chips – from salt and pepper to arrabiata. We started with eight flavors of chips and chose two for their versatility with wines. Coincidentally, both were from Kettle Chips: Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, and Buffalo Bleu. We rejected chips from several other brands for a variety of reasons: too bland, too sweet, too overpowering, or frighteningly fake-flavored.


2008 Borsao Red, Spain

($6.99 -$8.99; World Market; Central Market; Big Daddy's; Centennial in Richardson; Whole Foods Market in Plano)

This fruity blend was the star of the show – and a bargain to boot. "It enhances the spiciness of the Buffalo Bleu," said Tidwell. "It's yummy, complex and mouth-coating," said Pinnell. "The fruit really pops out and complements the spice." At press time, this wine was selling fast. Another shipment from Spain is due this fall.
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Update: What is your Kettle flavour quiz (thanks Kari). If you're not doing anything this afternoon, like me, might as well...

I'm New York Cheddar with herb. Go on, think about it.

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