Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Perseids meteor shower, which I only heard about a few days before, reached its peak the morning of August 12th. Apparently. I decided to head north of the city and try to see something, but it turned out to be pretty fruitless. After getting stuck in some 427 traffic (construction - single lane) and on-ramp 400 traffic, there was a major delay just north of the city on the 400, which took about 40 minutes to get through. All this around and just after midnight. Had a gps unit, and kept trying to find somewhere dark asap.

I tried to get lost up there, which apparently is pretty hard to do south of Barrie. I drove all the way up to Orr Lake and took a few shots there..

As you can see, nothing. Moon was too bright, and cloud cover didn't help. I did see one streaker very early on but it wasn't caught on camera as I wasn't really, ummm, ready. Oh well, there's always next time.


Here's a very short video taken this year... doesn't seem like too much activity either. Not sure when or where it was taken, but here's the Flickr page for it.

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