Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canada's fertility rate hit a 15-year high!


Good work, ladies over 30!

(this kids cracks me up.. I'm in the office, and can't stop smirking... needing to pretend that it's something funny someone else said!)

Women aged 30 to 34 gave birth to 115,415 of the 367,864 babies born in 2007, more than any other age group and the second consecutive year they led all age groups. And all women 30 and over accounted for 56 per cent of all births.
The trend of more women having children later in life helped Canada hit a number of fertility milestones.
  • The total number of births was the highest since 1995 and the fifth consecutive annual increase.
  • The fertility rate, or the average number of children per woman, increased from 1.59 in 2006 to 1.66 in 2007, the highest since 1992.
  • Total births from 2006 to 2007 increased by 13,247, or 3.7 per cent, the fastest annual increase since 1989.
The increase in births from 2006 is all the more surprising because 2006 was itself a banner year for births.

Baby boom happening around the world

The baby boom is not unique to Canada, Statistics Canada said in its report. Other countries with low fertility rates, such as the United States, Australia, Spain and Sweden, have also experienced an increase in their fertility rates.

Personally, I think this is pretty freaking awesome. I mean, people are making adult choices these days and are able to advancing their lives/education/careers as they choose! There seems to be a mini-baby boom as children of baby boomers have the fantastic opportunity to wait... and hence the delay in child birthing in developed countries for all women(?)... and now it seems to be time if you did want a family(?). I don't know, maybe my perspective is not full enough. I guess, a decrease in religious importance may play a factor?... I think I'm gonna stop here with the printed over-analysis on this subject!

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