Thursday, September 17, 2009


I picked up an iphone 3gs from a guy I know... ugh... I'm totally convinced. The one thing that was holding me back was the lack of keyboard, but with the learning curve I have no hesitation using the onscreen keyboard.

So many freaking applications. There's one where if you point at the night sky, it will point out stars, constellations, etc in augmented reality. So great. Jailbroken, yes.. but not necessary. (aside: I did manage to brick the phone for a good two hours where I decided that if it stayed bricked I would get a new one... that's how great)

Anyway, I AM T-PAIN app.


ugh.. fun stuff... especially after the cottage this weekend, where Jordan played us a bunch of R-Kelly, which I will get to later...


oh, and here's the I AM STING app..

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