Sunday, November 1, 2009

500th post!

I bought this cd for one song - Shine (remember doing that??!!). I remember it being one of my most listened to cds too.. every road trip it'd be there. This is one of those cds that you tried to convince everyone else to listen to (the first Matchbox 20 album a few years later comes to mind...).

From the bullets you bite
to the pain you request
you're finding them harder to digest.

I got my dad listening to it after a while (driving to school it was obviously better than morning radio). He asked me to burn it for him (! - after over playing, we still listened to it after I left for Kingston...). Anyway, what a great cd (it really didn't hurt that they had the instrumental "Pretty Donna").

Your prophecies fail
And your thoughts become weak
Silence creates necessity.

This song, posted here, is Listen. Not off that CD. Didn't like the Disciplined Breakdown (or the self-entitled) cd as much as a whole, but there is no way this song has fallen out of my top 30, and just as I'm looking those over, I'm thinking this is perfect for the 500th post. Lyrics, guitar, then drums.. It's no Jimmy Chamberlin, but then again, what is. Everything has it's place.

Yeah, Collective Soul, that kinda sorta Christian band. As a warning, Bush may be next (top 50.. don't get crazy!).

Hey you're now thirsty
Walking in the desert all alone
Hey you're now searching
Lost in isolation from your soul
The bullets you bite
From the pain you request
You're finding harder to digest
And the answers you seek
Are the ones you destroy
Your anger's well deployed

Hey why can't you listen
Hey why can't you hear
Hey why can't you listen
As love screams everywhere

Hey you now hunger
Feeding your mind with selfishness
Hey you now wander
Aimlessly around your consciousness
Your prophecies fail
And your thoughts become weak
Silence creates necessity
You're clothing yourself
In the shields of despair
Your courage now impaired

You crucify all honesty
No signs you see do you believe
And all your words just twist and turn
Reviving just to crash and burn.

Surprise, once scheduled for this post, will be delay to later this week unfortunately...

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