Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why did the Expos fail?

Well, it certainly wasn't Jays Michael Barrett's fault.

Jordan posted an absolutely fantastic panel discussion on why the Expos left. Discussion includes the stadium, strategy (second guessing), nostalgia, the Jays - then and now, and Michael Barrett almost killing Youppi (see ~1:14:00 - youtube video not yes available).

Michael Barrett is the best. "Well, I love pizza and I love cheeseburgers; voila!"

Wiki: On May 20, 2006, Barrett was involved in an infamous altercation with A.J. Pierzynski, during the Chicago Crosstown Classic between the Chicago White Sox and Cubs. During the game’s second inning, Brian Anderson hit a sacrifice fly, which allowed Pierzynski to score the game’s first run. Pierzynski collided with Barrett en route to home plate, causing Barrett to fall down. Pierzynski showed his enthusiasm by slapping home plate. As Pierzynski got up, he bumped into Barrett, who proceeded to punch him.

Polish MLB players?

Stan Musial
Carl Yastrzemski
Stanley Covaleski
Al Simmons
Phil Niekro
Bill Mazeroski
Mark Grudzielanek
John Kruk
A.J. Pierzynski, The most hated man in baseball. Well done sir. "Who wants to be the guy that nobody likes? I don't like the fact that my image is what my image is, but I do like that fact that if it's got to be on somebody I'd rather have it on me than on anybody else."

... there's a full list here.

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