Monday, December 14, 2009

Thrush Hermit Reunion Tour??

omg.. omg. .. .. omg.

After a weekend rampant with speculation, Joel Plaskett has confirmed that his beloved former band, Thrush Hermit, will indeed be reuniting for a short string of dates in 2010.

Among the most respected and emulated artists to emerge during the mid-’90s Halifax pop explosion bolstered by Sloan's Murderecords, Thrush Hermit featured Plaskett, Rob Benvie, Ian McGettigan, and Cliff Gibb. When Gibb departed in 1999, drummer Benn Ross joined the Hermit to tour behind what was arguably their best record, Clayt
on Park.

Hmm... arguably.

I've got a solid heart of steel
It rests in my ribcage and turns
All the wheels

So boil my blood and trip away
There's someone who's better than you
Let's not go out tonight
To see the patriot

On one hand I'm a patriot
On the other I'm a skeleton
On one level I'm a singer
On the other I'm your brother
On one station I'm a champion
On another I'm unknown
On one corner I'm a hero
But everywhere I am zero

I can't wait to lead you on
You will think that you know me
And then I'll be gone

So read the papers and watch the stars
There's someone who's better than you
Don't worry about your future
Just call in the patriot

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