Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alaska was leased, not sold?

So, talking to a few Russians in New York (where else?), they said that back in school they were taught that Alaska was leased to America for 100 years, and not actually sold. Sounds like bullshit, but definitely worth checking out. Sounds like a case of 'his-story'.

Looking for information on this, I found very little... some forum hits and just a few articles.

It was today (October 18th) in 1867 that Russia formally let Alaska go, peddling its Russian America territory to the underdeveloped United States for $7.2 million to ensure that its rival European power, Great Britain, didn't get it.

The Alaska State Museum in Juneau has William Seward’s desk that was used during the purchase and the actual check (smaller) from the Russians.

Here's the original sale agreement. Or, at least the American version.

Don't believe everything you hear at a party. On another note, living in Juneau for two weeks is on some sort of list I haven't written yet.

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