Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Basing ideas and concepts on a lack of evidence?

Yeah, and this naturally flows into the idea of forming conclusions based on the perception of certain observed 'key' characteristics. Thanks Matt!

It's usually pretty easy to disprove something; it's obviously a lot harder to prove something. And this is further complicated by change (Heisenberg Principle chiming in?). Is it possible to prove, even rightly conclude anything through observation alone? Quantum Mechanics (and life, really) tells us that things change the second we observe them... And the second we observe them, we change and react. It's the ultimate black box problem, where observation B not only provides only a clue to input A, but moreover changes what input A is.

I know I keep harping on this idea; I'll continue to for at least a little bit. How do you know when something is real? Attacking the problem from many sides... perception, ideas, are obviously quite complex ;)

Everything is connected. This shit is awesome.

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