Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday afternoon - everything new is old again.

The opposite direction of High Park this time...

Jeremy and I started off heading to TBP, but agreed that it was just way too cold, despite socks, snow pants, cleats, and more socks :( So we took a drive to the old highschool to see what kind of damage we could do there.

We played some basketball/football indoors. Most of the place (I mean, the entire landmass that is UCC) was rented out to children's day camps, hockey, soccer and basketball, but we ended up finding some free space in the new 'old' gym. Everything worked out grand.

.. and, I got to visit the old locker room.

.. and the old locker, which was strangely, left open.

The new soccer bubble. Broke in. Left. Felt like pedophiles.

I asked Jer to drop me on the way back.. I had myself a trek through the new-old hood.

Dufferin Grove. Location of the ice bike race... I'm sure it's going on again this year, some time in February most likely. Get ready to spike your wheels.

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