Thursday, February 11, 2010

Entanglement Energy

Remember the quantum theory of entanglement?

Well, new implications have just come to light, so to speak. (via Geekpress)

But Masahiro Hotta at Tohoku University in Japan has come up with a much more exotic idea. Why not use the same quantum principles to teleport energy?

Today, building on a number of papers published in the last year, Hotta outlines his idea and its implications. The process of teleportation involves making a measurement on each one an entangled pair of particles. He points out that the measurement on the first particle injects quantum energy into the system. He then shows that by carefully choosing the measurement to do on the second particle, it is possible to extract the original energy.

All this is possible because there are always quantum fluctuations in the energy of any particle. The teleportation process allows you to inject quantum energy at one point in the universe and then exploit quantum energy fluctuations to extract it from another point. Of course, the energy of the system as whole is unchanged.

There is a growing sense that the properties of the universe are best described not by the laws that govern matter but by the laws that govern information. This appears to be true for the quantum world, is certainly true for special relativity, and is currently being explored for general relativity. Having a way to handle energy on the same footing may help to draw these diverse strands together.

Matter, building blocks are everywhere. Information is the key. It's weird to think, but makes total sense at the same time. We're all made up of the same things; we're just full of different information and arranged differently. Just like transferring information through maps, people can visit the exact same spot at different times. Likewise, and perhaps trivially so, but related to the point of instant information transfer, you can know that given a certain exact time, where or what I am doing if that information is passed instantly, or even before hand. Furthermore, given all the information that you possess in your body, it can theoretically be recreated somewhere else.

This isn't a new idea, but I believe this may have been the first time that energy has been transferred in non-classical ways; by sending information from point A to point B, and then processing this information at point B, and then rearranging point B building blocks to rebuild what there was originally at point A. This isn't a copy either; the system does not gain or lose any energy, it's just transferred, through information.

This reminds me of the article posted by Jeremy: ‘A free society requires access to the facts’.

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