Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday mishmash

After some dim-sum to celebrate Mitch's return with the gang, I had a great afternoon with Tiffany walking, talking, coffeeing, and playing board games at Zoots.

Tonight, Cuff the Duke!!!

But first some down time with a new iphone word game and a potential nap.

Oh, and while on the topic of word games, two great websites for crossword puzzles.

The first one, here, is a good site with tons of puzzles that are relatively easy. I found that getting the basics down on these puzzles is really helping with the filling in of harder puzzles. Crossword puzzles really do seem to follow similar patterns and often repeat clues (with slight variations), and it's true that a lot of it is just practice.

The second site, here, is invaluable. It's basically a database of known clues and answers with a great search function and ranked results list. So, if you ever get really stuck...

Clue: Cut
Pattern: ???n

Also from the site above, there are links to harder available puzzles too.

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