Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My favourite Tea Party song

Yes, that Tea Party.

Here's the original, on youtube. It actually sounds relatively horrible here. Lo-fi. Especially the knocks, that no cover has gotten yet actually, so...

here's the best cover I've heard. Better than the youtube original version. Prettier too. Such a gorgeous song.

Down to impatience.

Listen, I know I've been lazy recently with this blog, but there have been other things to do. Tending. I'm intending to pick it up.

You'll notice (if you've listened to more than the original) above that there are many different interpretations, notes, strokes, harmonics, pacing, almost sound like the original. Ok, that's understandable. Is it exact? I suppose that's the attempt... the sound at least. I mean, there are many ways to play.. but why? Inclination? Style? Skill? Individual interpretation? I mean, obviously these dudes are skilled enough to play it 'exactly'. Why are there differences? Inclination and style I suppose? That's not the whole story.


God I love this song. I could listen to it until the day I die.. at least when it's done well. The arrangement is so driving, so playing on momentum, the pacing, the key, my heart rate changes because of it, hypnotic, instrumental, ugh.... Moreover, why do I like this so much? I mean, I don't really know anyone who likes the tea party, I've never seen them live, and there are no lyrics here. I dunno. Need to look into the chords more.

Eric Chang this post is for you.

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