Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeremy's 31st Birthday

Jeremy's birthday weekend. We started off at the TFS vs. Dallas FC game. First half rainy, beer, 0-0.

Second half, the sun came out, we could see the CN Tower, and an up close great goal. 1-1 was the final, and despite the score it was tonnes of fun.

After the game, we took a rest and met the crew at Oyster Boy, as per tradition.

Derek and Lisa. Derek was a trooper that night, allergic to oysters, he tried to stay away...


Dharam and Sophie. With the opportunity, I'd like to thank Sophie, Seper and Sandra for taking some great pictures throughout the night, and making some memories. Is it any wonder they all start with 'S'? You've been warned.

Socialism through soccer. How many communist countries can you think of? How many play soccer? All of them...

Anyway, all smiles that night...

The updated Oyster Boy photo.

Seper's pizza oyster.

One of the first of Seper's on the hour photos of the birthday boy.

Off to Lot 16! Thanks to Brad and Raven for making the place look fantastic!

The dance.

The dance.

More than just brotherly love.

Sophie, Dharam and Jer.

Sandra, Donna, Sep and Chris.

Shots for the birthday boy!

Donna, Mitali, and Chris.

Mr. Shawn

Sandra, with a flash off the mirror. Perfect.

Seper, with a kiss on the well deserved cheek. I'm digging Chris' shirt too.

Chris and Donna...

... off the mirror.

My boy.

Hand hand block.

I know I really should be more picky and choosy with these pictures, but I kinda like them all..

Now that is how you feel someone up.

Sandra and Asia!

Haha... Seper getting the finger wave!..

Everyone smiling the entire night. Great night.

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  1. Good night had by all. See you guys again soon, -Shawn R