Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

So, watched the Babies documentary (torrent here) last night on a tip, and it was alright, but that's not really the big news. Back in Kingston(!), is the big news, and really, really not feeling like being here. Class this morning at 9:30, 60% assignment due in two weeks, cold, unrested and generally whiney, as you can probably tell. I ended up getting pretty sick last night (thanks, Pietraszek, for waiting until this week to get sick). Woke up in a cold sweat to a dream about the legalization of infanticide in Canada, and the only way to fight it, as you could most likely guess, was through the legal system. And guess who was in charge.

Anyway, obviously a function of not wanting to be here, the documentary, and most likely the cold sweats, but yeah, just a brutal night.

So, feeling a bit better already this morning, but still coughing my head off, and still have some tight calves (signifiying to me that the cold isn't quite over yet), Also, have a haircut scheduled for later today... yeah, yeah, boring update, but, just getting back into the swing of things. Will post pictures of an awesome two weeks in the next few days, and hoping to get back into Toronto on a more regular basis this term.

Isn't today supposed to be a Stat holiday>? Damn.

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