Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are lawyers really in trouble?

These people obviously haven't heard that the four digit hourly fee ceiling has been broken recently. It is funny though; there is certainly a growing discrepancy between what you are reading and what you are hearing lately. These articles keep coming out one after another all saying exactly the same thing, yet every lawyer I'm talking to, new graduate or established, isn't complaining a lick about a lack of business.

Maybe it is a larger problem in the states, and just like good Canadian journalism, it's unabashedly echoed here. The story du jour. I suspect the problem is also magnified in business centres like Manhattan and Toronto, where once would be corporate lawyers aren't finding what they were promised and don't want to leave their chosen path (or residence), and it is from these business sectors that these articles are focused on and are coming from. In truth, I think the dip in new hires extends to the business sector as a whole (don't tell me it's rebounded), and even corporate jobs by the boatload will soon be available for those those who are born for a Bay Street gig. However, in saying that, as a practicing lawyer in Canada even today, you certainly won't starve.

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