Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Smoking in cars

A 20-year-old Port Hope, Ont., man has been ticketed for smoking in a car in which a 15-year-old girl was one of his passengers.

(Umm.. I'll ignore the obvious)

While Tory Ashton was waiting for his $155 ticket, the girl got out of the car and legally lit up a cigarette of her own.

So, second hand smoke:

"While secondhand smokers only inhale about 1/100th the dose of smoke inhaled by the smokers themselves, the effect of that secondhand smoke is large. Secondhand smokers have a risk of coronary heart disease that is 30% higher than for nonsmokers who are not exposed to secondhand smoke. In contrast, the risk for actual smokers is increased by 80%."

Yeah, smoking is bad, I agree. But the rest of your lifestyle choices are infinitely more important to your overall health, quality of life and longevity, especially if you smoke in moderation. I suppose that's one problem people have, is the moderation part. Anyway, back to this new law, I don't feel cops should be pulling people over in traffic because they're having a smoke in the car. There are better ways of going about this kind of thing.

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