Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love the topic of this article...

Too bad it's poorly researched and written; just a throwaway piece that I feel shouldn't be...


I like what it addresses.. old-fashion elevator etiquette... I remember walking with an ex-girlfriend a long time ago down the street and asking her to switch hands; asking her to take the inside of the sidewalk while I walk on the outside... "I'm a bit traditional, in that sense".. I then remember trying to cover up the word traditional, which, with my knowledge of this girl so far, would conjures up barefoot in front of the stove type images in her... After successfully (I thought) retreating from something like that, it brought into question the entire feminist movement, at least for me... I've read a lot about it since then, but never really from the perspective of how it affects children, specifically young boys today. How should they be taught? Does not teaching this etiquette really spill over into sex? potentially aggressive behaviours? am I blowing it out of proportion? So, anyway, that's something I'd like to read up on... just not from this article, which seems to miss-mash it's way from uninformed opinion to uninformed opinion.

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