Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taser use needs to be equivalent to using a gun

It's gonna be a long day today (straight to class after work until 10), so I'll try to get a few posts outta the way from here at work! There's some cool stuff out there that I wouldn't mind chatting about!..

... a little dated posting this, but might as well... it's something that I feel relatively strongly about, not sure how to change, but shouldn't go away.


The most extreme example is an incident in southern B.C., where three officers from the Ridge Meadows RCMP detachment fired a Taser nine times on an unarmed person.

I know police safety in these situations is always a careful balance, and obviously erring on the side of caution is most likely the right move. I'm not really blaming the cops here.. I think it's the way Tasers have been introduced to the force, and how they are currently handled, managed, and written up after an incident. The perception of pulling out your Taser gun needs to change.. its use needs to feel equivalent to that of using a gun; if you use it, you may kill the person. As such, everytime the Taser is used it should be written up in the officers' report including all witnesses, etc... It is clear that these can not be taken lightly anymore.

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