Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Radwanski on TVO - The Agenda

Always a bridesmaid: the future of the federal NDP.

Aired Monday May 11th, 2009.

Well Fucking Done, Radman.

A great voicenow, and really, for the future. You kicked ass.

It seemed difficult to get anyone to actually back your ass up, and, to be expected with 4 NDPers on side. For the most part, I agree with you thoughts. You were such a great balance/pull back for this. It does seem like the others stayed on message, which, admittedly I'd assume they would. What message though?..

Could current issues actually be discussed by Buzz, Judy, Lorne, and the cheerleader? Nationalization? of what currently? with what?... I agree all issues need to be brought up (Natives, women in the government), but there is an over-riding problem today for all Canadians; the economy. That's not to say that all other issues should be dropped, but please, for the love of the NDP, tell me how this, how you would deal with this! An idea?>! Every single person I talk to are talking about the economy. Small business in Ontario is getting hit by and only talking about the economy. Job loss, income loss, significant turnover reduction.

Anyway, it seems that during this economic crisis, the NDP are going back to an idealist state. Yes, I agree with them, but please, just mention one good idea to turn this all around for 1000's of people? And please, stop comparing yourselves to Obama, Judy.

The broadcast really would play like an infomercial without you Adam. Niki comes off as someone in power trying to make everyone in her riding happy, and to get weakly re-elected (and that's all). Judy comes off, again, to me, like there's unlimited money everywhere for everybody; everything is possible all the time. Well, these are really general ideals that we all actually love and believe in, but again, something concrete would be nice. Are you in the capacity to offer an alternative even? Way too general and idealistic; give me something solid. Buzz is Buzz; Union, union, union. If ever politician/henchman/leader can become corrupt from big money, union money has actually done it. One-track mind. At best, he's a left wing voice. Lorne is, fine.

Anyway, Adam, best on the board!

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