Friday, October 2, 2009

Amelia's Surprise!

I've been feeling slightly under the weather lately.. Lots of things going on combined with a runny nose, and the end of the week kinda beat me up a bit. Yesterday my neighbour Connie offered me some soup, which was not all together unexpected and so nice at the same time.

We've been neighbours now for the better part of this year, and she and her daughter Amelia are fantastic, and I know they put up with a lot! Hahaha... Anyway, I come home today and there are the two of them smiling away and making me smile. I was dead beat tired, and needed to take a nap. Just before retiring Amelia offered me some mango and raspberries, which she apparently loves eating from frozen! I of course said yes (that's an offer no one can really refuse!), but after changing from work I immediately crashed into bed.

I woke up maybe 2 hours later to find the above on my computer desk~!

Awesome. Yes, those are mini-bats in a warm up to Hallowe'en cupcake, with thawed out mango and raspberries, and a lovely drink to boot, all arranged so perfectly that I had to take a picture.

Thanks so much, Amelia! I feel better already.


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